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McMeans Men


McMeans Men is a wonderful volunteer program aimed at providing positive male role models for students demonstrated by their presence and involvement at school. 


We invite dads, uncles, grandparents, and all other important male role models in our students' lives to come get involved at McMeans. The students LOVE to see McMeans Men helping out around school!


Volunteer days are typically Fridays throughout the school year from 8:30am - 3:15pm however if you need to arrive late or leave early, that's absolutely fine! We may also need help for special events, such as the Fun Pass, Food Frenzy, Monster Mash, etc. 




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A Guide to Your Day at McMeans!


There are lots of ways to fill up your day at McMeans and engage the students. We invite you to work through the following checklist on your own time, but above all, we encourage you to make yourself at home at McMeans and HAVE FUN! 


Get Your McMeans Men T-Shirt: Buy or Borrow a McMeans Men T-Shirt. Ask for Campus Representative Helena Townsend upon arrival to coordinate. Shirts are $20 each. Cash only.


Safety/Maintenance Walk: Official Checklist and Report Form provided.


Hallway Interaction During Passing Periods: Be present and interactive in the hallways during all passing periods. Help keep language and behavior positive.


Lunch: Enjoy lunch with your child and monitor all other lunches. Meet Assistant Principals on the stage before each lunch. Help maintain a calm environment. Interaction encouraged.


Visit Your Child’s PE Class: Insert yourself in your child's PE class. Play games. Shag balls. Visit with Coaches. Clean up after. Have fun!


Visit Your Child’s Fine Arts Class: Insert yourself in your child’s Fine Arts class (band, orchestra, choir, or theatre). Pop in to say hi, cheer on performances, or ask how you can help/get involved!


Visit the Engineering and/or Career Investigations Classrooms: We invite you to visit these classes (even if your student is not enrolled) to engage in class activities and/or conduct some "Q&A." The kids will love hearing about your career, education, training, tips, advice, insight, etc.


Enjoy Adaptive PE: Gift our special education students with your smile and enthusiasm during their Adaptive PE class. No better way to spend your time! Usually takes place during 6th or 7th period.


Special Events: There may be special events on campus during the day that you won't want to miss!




Thank you for your interest in McMeans Men!

Your participation inspires the students, helps the staff and MAKES A DIFFERENCE!