McMEANS PTA- General Membership Meetings

9/23/2021 General Meeting Notice:

McMeans Junior High PTA will be holding a General Membership meeting on Thursday, September 23, 2021, at 11 AM, in the LGI.  


During this meeting, we will approving the financial conciliation report.


  • The chair gives the chance to speak to every member who wishes to do so. Pro and con speakers should be given alternating opportunities to speak, if possible, and all speakers should tactfully be kept to rules of order and to the question.

  • Each member has two opportunities to speak to the motion. A member may exercise his or her first opportunity to speak and, then, after every other member has the chance to speak, may speak only once more.

  • All statements must be addressed to the chair and not to another member.

  • The chair recognizes a member who has not previously spoken to the motion in preference to one who has spoken.

  • The chair does not enter into the discussion. Should the President wish to debate, the chair must ask the Vice President to preside. He or she does not resume the chair until after the final disposition of the question under discussion. The President may vote when the vote would change the outcome (to make or break a tie) or when the voting is by ballot.

  • Debate continues until no one wishes to speak or until someone moves to close debate.

  • Members cannot close debate by shouting, “Question.” A member must seek recognition and make the motion properly and requires a 2/3 vote to pass. (“I move the previous question.”) 

If you have any questions, please contact our PTA President, Diane Jacobson