Our fun fundraiser that is also a fun program for our students!


PTA will hold 5 different events throughout the year where students can spend their advisory period with their friends having a good time with light snacks, music, and several choices of fun activities in the cafeteria (or gym).


Typically, a student needs an advisory pass to be anywhere outside of their assigned advisory classroom. On Fun Pass days, they will be allowed to wear a 2021-22 Fun Pass Wristband so they are allowed to leave advisory and attend the PTA event.


This $30 wristband gives them exclusive access to all 5 events. Events will be posted and reminded on announcements before the day-of, so students can decide whether or not they wish to attend and to remind them to have their wristband.  

There will be no exceptions- access is with WRISTBAND ONLY.


Once inside of the event room, they are not allowed to return to their advisory classroom or anywhere else on campus until the bell rings, whether they choose to participate or not. 


*IMPORTANT* If their wristband is lost or stolen, they must buy another at full price to continue to

participate in any remaining fun-pass days.  Remind them to treat it like Cash or a Gift card!


This Year's DATES:






To Pay with Credit Card via PayPal, CLICK ITEM BELOW

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Bands will be distributed at lunch periods as they are purchased, just like spirit merchandise. You will get an email confirming your FUN PASS IS READY FOR PICKUP, so you can alert your student.  PTA will only have a volunteer at lunch on the day designated in your email.  

PTA thanks you for your support!!

We look forward to FUN TIMES!