Your PTA Board were once new Bobcats, too!  Whether you are new to Katy, new to this school, new to junior high in general or just plain need a refresher, we are here for YOU!  Please feel free to submit questions to PTA President, Sophia Winkle at

-PTA has their own website and Facebook page. 
-School has their own KISD website, Twitter account, and Facebook Page. The Library and other departments also have Twitter account or Facebook groups.   School also publishes WEEKLY newsletter, THE PAW PRINT, that contains school and PTA news.
-Teachers may use REMIND 101 texting for specific reminders and urgent notes.  For assignments, schedules, and some textbooks, the CANVAS application is being used. Grades can only be accessed via HAC (home access center).
-Yearbook is handled by School/ Art Department and ordered direct through BALFOUR.




In August before the 1st day of school, MMJH holds an orientation for 7th and 8th grade where they pick up and walk their schedules, check-in with friends, and make TAX FREE purchases at the PTA Back to School Shop. Parent encouraged to come in while kids are walking their schedules!


The same afternoon, all 6th graders and their parents attend orientation, a welcome pep rally, and are able to walk their schedules in person.  The tax free PTA Back to School Shop is open all day for info and purchases.


Items available at the Back to School Shop this year (August 8th): Spririt Merch, PTA memberships, Yard Signs and Car Decals, Fun Pass Bands, Monster Mash Carnival wristbands, and School Trackers (planners).  


There will be NO school supplies packs available for purchase.  Please order online through June 20th if you wish to have pre-packaged supplies sent to you.

How do I get School and PTA information if no papers come home (like in elementary school)?


If you do nothing else-make sure your email is registered with school (it will merge from your feeder elementary or was added when you registered).  "E-NEWS" emails go out most every Sunday evening and will include both school and PTA information/events.  If receiving emails doesn't work for you, the KatyISD App (INFO HERE) on your smartphone can be customized to receive notifications from any KISD school.  All e-news emails will post to the notifications if you follow MMJH. *Please note* you cannot unsubscribe to KISD departments individually. If you have attempted to unsubscribe from anything, you have unsubscribed to EVERYTHING, including your campus news updates!


School also publishes a newsletter, THE PAW PRINT, the link to which remains on the school's KISD website and links from PTA website at all times.


Our PTA website and Facebook page, and MMJH Facebook page should also be in your bookmarks!

No "homeroom" in Junior High? How does that work?


Announcements & The Pledges are made during first period and roll is taken in every class period.  Since there are so many classes per grade at MMJH, it is easier and more efficient to have some these things happen during the grade level lunch periods.  


The same holds true for PTA event ticket sales, distribution of spirit wear, and School Store Days.


Advisory periods are meant for follow-up work, extra study and homework time, and an opportunity to visit with any teacher you may need to consult or review tests, etc.

If I order Spirit Merchandise at Bobcat Camp, or online, how do I get it?

If you place an order in person at Bobcat Camp or online, the orders will be delivered to the students during their grade level lunch periods.

*Exception* Yard signs CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED AT BOBCAT CAMP due to the stakes they come with are not allowed on the school buses and in the busy hallways during dismissal. 


Our online store will re-open the first week of school for regular ordering throughout the year (sales tax will be included from then on)  If yard signs are ordered online during the school year, special arrangements must be made for parent pickup.

Each Department will have general information, fees collection, scheduling, and uniform forms disbursed the first week of school.  It can be a bit like signing up for school within school. Each Director is in charge of what is required and the how and when things get distributed- and they all differ.  Our PTA tip is to just be aware, and be patient. ;o)